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Apr 28

Friday Night Party Line Episode 128: Fresh Taste, Same Racist Flavor

Tonight on the show, we’ve got Churba, Omar,¬†and Victor. Topics: Fyre Festival: Where’s the ball pit? Bill O’Reilly given the boot. Burger King and the future of advertising and advertising regulations. Echo Look – Queer eye for the robo eye and VERY creepy. Sakura Quest Bill Nye Saves the World  

Sep 23

Friday Night Party Line: Episode 100 – Recorded In Front of a Live Studio Charlotte

This week on Friday Night Party Line, it’s our 100th episode. No big. On the show we have Nelson, Churba, victor and, a newcomer to the line, Jennifer Teig von Hoffman!

Jul 27

Episode 69 – A Thick Broth of Aaron Sorkin

Tonight on Friday Night Party Line we have Nelson, Churba, FNPL Veteran Viga the Otagal, and newbie David Manglano! Topics: New version of Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Transit System The future of civilian drones What’s entertaining us?

Mar 30

Episode 53 – Without much ado

Tonight on Friday Night Party Line: Churba, Ray, Adam, and one Google Fanboy named Victor. FBI Unable to unlock Pimp’s Android Phone Asks Google for Assistance FAA May be reevaluating policy on gadgets Despite recent arrests at Zucotti Park, is Occupy Wall Street fading away? How do you reuse/re-purpose/recycle your old gadgets? Churba’s Plug: Hollywood …

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