Sep 18

Friday Night Party Line Episode 141: The Front Fell Off

Sep 18

Friday Night Party Line Episode 140

Sep 15

Acceptable Vices Episode 51 – Flying Circus by Newstand Press

On this episode, We played Flying Circus by our friend Erika Chappel!

Sep 15

Friday Night Party Line Episode 139: Half Eaten by Wombats

In the continuing saga of catching up on podcasts, this episode was half eaten by digital wombats.

Sep 14

Friday Night Party Line Episode 138

We’re catching up.

Jan 13

Acceptable Vices Episode 50: A Stroke from Something Enjoyable

Tonight on the show, the weebs bust out as we give out no-experience impressions of the Winter 2018 Anime Season Lineup! (Thanks Rym and Scott) On the panel: Eryn, Viga, Neito, Churba, and Victor!   Follow along!:¬†

Dec 31

Friday Night Party Line Episode 137: Happy Holidays and a Joyus New Year!

Tonight on the show: Scojo, Churba, and Victor – Net Neutrality: what has happened, what hasnt, and what needs to be done. – Tencent fighting Fake news. Is fighting fake news a losing battle? Thank you to all of you for listening, but especially to our Patreon Supporters for kicking in a little money …

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Oct 21

Friday Night Party Line Episode 135: DDOSing Lightbulbs

On this episode, ScoJo, Churba, and Victor talk about: Harvey Weinstien stuff. Is the parochialness of American news damaging to Americans? Our homes are being fractured technologically by smart devices into multiple walled gardens. Should there be some sort of mandate to force, say, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Home to play nice together? Or should …

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Sep 29

Friday Night Party Line Episode 134 – The one where Rym learns about transmissions.

Tonight on Friday Night Party Line, we have Rym, George, Scojo, Churba, and Victor! Trumps new Tax Plan Facebook Turning Over ads for Russia investigation ( Spicer at the Emmys: What the hell? ( China joins France in putting gas powered cars on a death clock (

Sep 15

Acceptable Vices Episode 45: The Viga and Victor Show!

It’s just Victor and Viga tonight! No plan, just talk.

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