Episode 47

Tonight’s Guests: Rym, Thaed, Adam, Jason, and not Ray.

Everything’s amazing and no one is happy:

We have so many incredible technologies available to us, improving our
daily lives in almost unimaginable ways, and yet people seem to be as
unhappy as ever. But maybe there’s a better way? How would you
increase overall happiness in the world (assuming someone was already
dealing with the starving kids and such).

Wikileaks v. The Guardian

“Unredacted versions of more than 250,000 US government cables have
been released online after a breach of WikiLeaks’ archive servers,
which WikiLeaks blames on the “gross negligence or malice” of a
journalist from The Guardian. As such, the full versions of the
documents are now floating around on the Internet, complete with the
names of informants, sources, and the like. WikiLeaks says it has
initiated legal action against the UK newspaper.”

Drop your job!
What opportunity, if presented to you (no strings attached), would you
immediately quit your job for?

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