The Best of “Friday Night Party Line”

On this very special episode of Friday Night Party Line, we go back in time and rediscover some of the best episodes of season one.

On the show tonight: David, Ray, Scott, Rym, Howard, Viga, Kirsten Sanford A.K.A. “Dr. Kiki”, Scott Johnson from Extra Life Radio, Mignon Fogarty A.K.A. Grammer Girl, Lisa Bettany from Mostly, and Thaed

-Using multiple internet identities.  Is there a way to safely merge them if you have a job where they care about what you do online?

-Klingon, Leet Speak, Nerdish and Esperanto. If we can agree what constitutes a language, are these languages? Should people bother trying to create artificial human languages? Is the goal of a universal lingua franca a meaningful goal? Why or why not?

-Take a look at at this New Yorker article. Are the distinctions made between invention and creation valid?

-According to this article, new software can quantify how many people are at a given place by identifying the number of cell phones present at a location by tying the information to GPS data.  Thus, if a person wants to know where the crowd is on a given night, all he or she would have to do is check online. Is this good or bad?  What other things could this technology be used for?


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