Episode 42

Tonight’s hosts: Thaed, Rym, Timo, Luke, and Victor.

  • What are your opinions on the protests across the middle east and what are your projections on the future?
  • Japan has just experienced one of the greatest national disasters in it’s history. With the understanding that the situation is still developing, how do you think event will affect the world as a whole?
  • The power of the gadgets we carry in our pockets is becoming startlingly greater (Motorola is releasing a 1 GHz dual-core tablet) and their built in cameras rival point-and-shoots from only a few years ago. Digital bar-code tags are appearing all over the real world and even augmented reality, an idea thats been in the technology hopper for at least a decade, is coming to fruition on our mobile devices. How do you see the world the next five years? How about ten? Is the world going to become “a digital frontier to reshape the human condition” or just the status quo, only better?
  • Suggested by Churba: Online Identities – Do you have a completely separate alias, Or is your alias essentially synonymous with your real name? Do you find any advantage or disadvantage to using you real name? Do you use both? How has online identity changed since you (and the internet) were younger?

Some big news for FNPL: After nearly two years of being off the air, FNPL is back with a new host. Thaed is passing the reigns of the show over to Sonic (Victor), who edited the last episode of the show.

Note from Victor:

Back in 2008, after being a fan of the show since the beginning, I emailed Thaed and asked him if I could be on the show. I was only 18 at the time and Thaed had told me that it was his policy that hosts need to be 21 or older. Looking back, I understand his reasoning, but I would have never thought that my first appearance on the show would be as it’s host. I am deeply honored for this opportunity and am very excited to be able to take part in the continuation of such a wonderfully intellectual and eclectic podcast with a group of such interesting and creative hosts as it’s new host and producer.


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