Episode 37

Tonight’s hosts are David, Rym, Scott and Thaed along with newcomers Luke and Jason.  Here are the topics:

–Craigslist is destroying newspapers.  But is it really more of a
question of the interface?  You don’t need the paper, you can get what
you want online.  But what happens when we can receive information
wirelessly directly into our heads.  What happens when the interface
melts away?  You don’t need television, radio, phones or even
computers assuming brain communication is two-way.  Moreover, if you
can get sensory information this way with greater resolution than your
five senses provide, what happens next?

–Carl Jacobi is known for using inversion to achieve insight and to
solve problems.  The idea is that you look at a problem backwards or
from another person’s perspective to work it out.  Have you tried
this?  Does it work for you?

–In developing AI, where do self-teaching algorithm or genetic
algorithm come into play?  Where is AI development going today?  What
are the latest advancements?  How long before we all have robot

–What is the future of theater, concerts, circuses, sports and other
types of live performance entertainment?  Do people need to gather in
meatspace and be entertained?  Is the economy (or the Internet) going
to shut this down?  Is live entertainment doomed?

–Ask the economist.

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