Episode 36

We have a full house with David, Viga, Scott, Rym, Timo and Thaed.  Here are the topics:

–Is it best to live as close to reality as possible?  Should you lie
to yourself or believe things because you like to believe them just to
get yourself through the rough spots?  If you don’t like your personal
history, should you rewrite it in your mind?
–Is monastic life desirable?  Does it allow for greater focus on
intellectual pursuits?
–How much of randomness in life can be controlled, influenced or avoided?
–Is fantastic wealth a form of death?  If you eliminate the pursuit
of wealth from a person’s life, does it kill motivation and purpose in
that person?
–Is it ever possible to step outside one’s self to see ourselves as
others see us?  If you could, would you?
–If you were a pig farmer, how would you run your business?
–Ask the economist and physicist.

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