Episode 66 – Jason won’t defend CNN

Tonight’s guest: Jason Hawk of ATW9K, Scott Johnson, and Nelson
That’s right, Nelson, you’ve been on the show enough times that we don’t need to put your last name.


How news covers tragic events: In today’s world of the 24 hour news cycle and to the minute reporting, when tragedy strikes, news organizations jump to cover it in intense detail. But what problems rise from this?


It’s that time again! Google Glass has recently been released to those who won the If I Had Glass contest, but there’s a hitch: Once they have it, they can’t even loan it to friends for fear that Google would brick the device. Should Google be able to do that?


Apple, Daft Punk, Firefly, Star Trek? How do brands and people generate cult followings?


The internet went nuts over SOPA and PIPA, but there’s been barely any bru-ha-ha over CISPA?

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