Episode 34

David, Scott, Rym & Thaed appeared tonight along with special guest Len from Jawbone Radio.  Here are the topics:

—Do people interact with their neighbors anymore?  Is is seasonal?
Does the internet allow like minded people to seek each other out to a
greater level of articulation than ever before?  Does that destroy the
idea of local community?  Was there ever such a thing as local
—Cool robot videos!
How far away are we from having robots that do our household chores?
What are the major hurdles remaining?  If you could have a
multipurpose humanoid robot, what would you make it do?
—Creating artificial life
Is this something that is helpful to humans?  How far away are we from
doing it?  Is there any real danger?
—Does Twitter just distract and annoy?
—Do kids need to take happiness lessons?
—Ask the Economist.  (please think of something to ask David about,
if nothing else we’ll talk about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae).

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