Episode 67 – Adam Bait

On tonight’s show, we totally baited Adam with a myriad of topics on education. Joining us is Churba, Nelson Pecora, Andrew Kane, and, of course, Adam Macintyre-Ross.
1. In honor of Teacher’s Appreciation Week (which took place this month in the United States) we talk about some of the most influential teachers in our lives. Using that as a springboard, we discuss what we think are qualities that make for a great teacher.
2. Keeping on the topic of education, we discuss how recent media-based educators (Bill Nye, Beakman, Mythbusters, etc) created Edutainment and how it has impacted society and educational programming across media.
3. Finally, let’s talk about how technology was, is, and may be in the future applied in the field of education.
Supplemental Links:
PBS Idea Channel: Is minecraft the ultimate educational tool? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI0BN5AWOe8)

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