Episode 32

David and newcomer Alex and Thaed are the hosts tonight.

Here are the topics:

–A scientist let the fire department in to put out an air conditioner
and lost his home chem lab.
Should this have had a different outcome?  Why or why not?
–A 24 hour curfew in the United States?
The ACLU has threatened to sue.  Does it matter?  Is this an effective
way to deal with crime and poverty?  If not, what should have
–According to this article, humans are biased toward the beautiful:
Is this dampened by the internet where in theory, no one knows if
you’re a dog?  Does beauty work its way into everything anyway?
Should something be done about it?
–New Media Expo, SXSW, podcamps, barcamps, PAX do all of these
conventions have any value?  Is social media in general overblown?
Who is making money?
–Blogger lawsuits.  What should bloggers be sensitive to in order to
avoid getting sued?

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