Episode 77 – Bieber and Ham: Attacks from Abroad

Tonight, we have Churba, Nelson, Thaed, and newcomer Eryn from the YouTube Channel Eryncerise!


The Hypocrisy of SXSW
SXSW had speakers like Edward Snowden espousing on the importance of privacy, but also had workshops on squeezing the most information out of users. Is there a balance that can be struck? Should there be?

The Big Bang, Baby!
Not so much a discussion as it is news.

Ads you actually don’t mind watching.
Some ads are actually interesting enough that you don’t mind watching. Have you experienced an ad like that? What are their qualities?

Titanfall’s creative anti-cheat system.

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  1. Jason Hawk

    I’m just getting to listen to this. A couple of things re: advertising.
    – Atomic Trivia War (thanks for the inadvertent advertisement, Churba :D) used to do Audible stuff but it just wasn’t worth the effort-to-benefit ratio.
    – Media is my day job. Newspapers, radio, television, magazines, etc. are all struggling because subscribers don’t carry the cost of production — ads do, and there’s a huge ad drought because people have become inured to the old ad model.
    – I kept waiting for Vic to bring up the fact that end users aren’t the customer when it comes to TV and other media, advertisers are. The problem is that people don’t like to think of themselves as products that are bought and sold. It’s a kind of intellectual slavery.

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