Sep 05

Episode 82: The Education One

Tonight, we let Adam and Charlotte off of the proverbial leash and talk about Common Core, school start times, and other education related stuff. Meanwhile, Churba, Nelson, and I sit back and watch.

Adam’s things: http://gls2014.sched.org/pauldarvasi#.VAkVnWOfUc8

Charlotte’s thing: The Bone Clocks: A Novel – By David Mitchell (commission generating link)

Churba’s Thing: Hip Hop Family Tree Book 2: 1981-1983 (Vol. 2) (commission generating link)

Victor’s Thing: Extra Credits


  1. Graham


  2. Daikun

    How the Common Core makes people dumber.

  3. Adam MacIntyre-Ross

    Owly comics mentioned around the 34 – 36 minute marks. Free PDFs!

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