Episode 84: Whoa, Episode. Whoa.

Tonight, we had Churba, Nelson, Kate, and oh wow did we go long.

1. Loss of cultural permanence through the erosion of physical goods by digital analogues (or “Digital stuff won’t survive the apocalypse”)
2. Perfumes and Colognes
3. The Ultimate Single Sign-On: With facebook and Google and other platforms offering single-sign on services, online presences are now more frequently being attached to real identities as opposed to being like the handles of the 90’s. Is this good or bad?
4. Spooky Stories. This is the fun topic. Share a spooky story with the audience and I’ll fully produce it with sound effects and music in post.scents
mercedes data plate

The Terror: A Novel – Nelson’s thing
Ghost Stories
Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

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