Friday Night Party Line: Episode 101 – Fatal Exception

This episode on Friday Night Party Line, we have Omar, Churba, and Victor!


What does it gaming become when dying in the game has more serious consequences than just loading from the last save?:

Two months later: Windows 10

Should media franchises have a time limit? (I.e. No more Detective Conan after X years or Y episodes).


Pizza Pocket:

New Lupin the III opener:

Lupin the III Cosplayer:

Garrus Cosplayer:


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  1. sK0pe

    Seems to be a bit of confusion on how to use OEM Windows licenses.
    You can replace your motherboard or any other pieces of hardware without reinstalling Windows (that seem silly).
    After installing just boot up again and if the motherboard is changed you have to just reactivate which can be done via a phone call to Microsoft.

    Waiting for pizza pockets on the moon.

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