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Jul 30

Acceptable Vices Episode 29: Politics!

This episode, we help ScoJo get his release before abstaining. Wait, no that came out wrong.

Jul 23

Acceptable Vices Episode 28: Alcohol!

Tonight, we talk about alcohol!

Jul 01

Acceptable Vices Episode 27: Let’s Play Some Overwatch!

Don’t listen to this. Watch this instead!

Jun 09

Acceptable Vices Episode 25: Citation Needed

Tonight on Acceptable Vices, we play Tom Scott’s “Citation Needed”… kinda. On the show we have Nelson, ScoJo, and George.

May 07

Acceptable Vices Episode 24: Cars! Cars! Cars! The 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon

Tonight, it’s another cars episode as Omar, Churba, and Victor take a look at the offerings of the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon!

Apr 08

Acceptable Vices Episode 23 – Carbon Fiber Knuckles

Tonight on Acceptable Vices, Scott Johnson and George join Victor and Churba for CRAAAAAAAB PEOPLE

Feb 07

Acceptable Vices Episode 20: Must Be Tuesday

Tonight on Acceptable Vices, we play Derek’s game “Must Be Tuesday”!

Dec 26

Episode 86: Capoeira to Victory!

Tonight on Friday Night Party Line, Victor, Nelson, and Churba are joined by game creator Derek Chappell to play his game “Abort Retry Fail”, a game about being a terminator who forgot what he was supposed to be doing and just wings it.  Hilarity ensues

Nov 30

Episode 85: Recorded Before, But Aired After Thanksgiving

Tonight on FNPL, GAMERGATE. Nope, nothing else. That’s it.

Oct 24

Episode 84: Whoa, Episode. Whoa.

Tonight, we had Churba, Nelson, Kate, and oh wow did we go long. Topics: 1. Loss of cultural permanence through the erosion of physical goods by digital analogues (or “Digital stuff won’t survive the apocalypse”) 2. Perfumes and Colognes 3. The Ultimate Single Sign-On: With facebook and Google and other platforms offering single-sign on services, …

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