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Mar 28

Episode 77 – Bieber and Ham: Attacks from Abroad

Tonight, we have Churba, Nelson, Thaed, and newcomer Eryn from the YouTube Channel Eryncerise! Topics: The Hypocrisy of SXSW SXSW had speakers like Edward Snowden espousing on the importance of privacy, but also had workshops on squeezing the most information out of users. Is there a balance that can be struck? Should there be? http://www.instapaper.com/read/463293770 …

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Mar 01

Episode 76: The Simul-groan

Tonight  we have Churba and Nelson! Also, some students I TA for (but in the after-show-show). Topics: The Physicality of our Technology http://qz.com/177552 Online Gaming and Livestreaming http://www.dailydot.com/esports/league-of-legends-reddit-twitch-plays-pokemon/ Nelson’s thing: The Magicians Churba’s thing: The Diamond Club Victor’s thing: Forbidden Fire Contest: Email Victor a funny literary thing and, if your thing is selected, you will …

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Sep 28

Episode 59 – Churba, Meet Snow.

Tonight on Friday Night Party Line, we have the usual suspects: Adam, Nelson, and Churba Topics: Short: Google Self Driving Car Criminalization of Blasphemy under UN Discussion (suggested by Churba) Green Bay referee debacle Do you listen to Radio? What do you think Radio can do to get people back?

Sep 18

Special – PSA Help Save Adam’s Art Class

Past guest and friend of the show Adam Macross needs your help! His art class is, literally, out of money. Unable to afford even the most basic of art supplies, he turns to the internet for help! Help him out so the children in his school can have an art program! Adopt-a-Classroom: http://goo.gl/MvVsb Art Supplies …

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Aug 31

Episode 58 – With great power comes… Oh god what is that?!

Tonight on Friday Night Party Line, Jason Gauci rejoins us (Churba, Nelson, myself) to discuss: The awesomeness of the MSL Curiosity Anti-nuclear sentiment in Japan and how fans might be dooming their franchises of choice through pornography. Plugs: PBS Idea Channel Woodchuck Hard Ciders Barrel New York Mr. Headphones Video of the show!

Jun 29

Episode 56 – We’re Live!

This month, We’re LIVE on Google Hangouts! On the line time is Churba (in korean), Adam (in teacher speak), Nathan (with a penny whistle), and Victor (who’s gone insane). Topics: Teaching others and what drives us to learn. What we drew as kids. Class and reading. Watch the show on Youtube!

Dec 30

Episode 50 – Bah Humbug

Tonight on Friday Night Party Line…Luke Burrage doesn’t care, Scott Johnson’s walls are held up with spackle, Churba preserves his artistic integrity, and Timo reinvents the Microwave. Topics: “Congress authorizes Pentagon to wage Internet war” Note: The headline says they’ve authorized it, but they actually haven’t yet. The Aura of Art Philosopher Walter Benjamin, in his …

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Nov 24

Episode 49 – “Adam’s Great Planetary Pinball”

  With a few occasional technical glitches, Tonight on Friday Wednesday Night Party Line we have Adam, Viga, Churba, and special guest Varoujan Gorjian, Astronomer for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories.   Topics: Are police becoming militarized? Mars Rover “Curiosity” Censorship and Nude Art The Thanksgiving Question Ask the Astronomer!

Apr 02

Episode 40

–Economic down-turn and Open Source.  Will it help or hurt? –(From David)  “The big things don’t love you back.  They take and take, and never give in return.  They’ll drain your blood, your soul, and never let you go.”  The Postman by David Brin. –If your lifestyle uses a lot of gas and electricity, but …

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Jan 10

Episode 38

And we’re back with a record number of co-hosts!  Tonight features David, Ray, Scott, Rym, Viga, Timo, Jason, Luke and Thaed.  Here are the topics: –What kind of pen do you use?  Do you write mostly in script or print?  Check out:  http://www.penaddict.com/ — Discuss one interesting side project you plan on working on in …

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