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Sep 15

Acceptable Vices Episode 45: The Viga and Victor Show!

It’s just Victor and Viga tonight! No plan, just talk.

Jun 24

Friday Night Party Line Episode 114: If it ain’t broke, don’t Brexit.

On tonight’s show, we talk about the Orlando Shooting and Brexit with Scott Johnson, George, Nelson, Churba, and Victor.

Apr 08

Acceptable Vices Episode 23 – Carbon Fiber Knuckles

Tonight on Acceptable Vices, Scott Johnson and George join Victor and Churba for CRAAAAAAAB PEOPLE

Oct 25

Acceptable Vices 16: CRAAAAAB PEOPLE

Tonight on the show, Crab Churba, Crab Scott Johnson, and Crab Victor!  

Aug 18

Acceptable Vices Episode 12: Fried Toroids of Crab People

Tonight… crab people with Churba and Victor. Topics? Hahahahahahaha….