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Aug 13

Acceptable Vices Episode 11: DANGER ZONE by Newstand Press

On this episode of Acceptable Vices, the boys take a crack at facing off against game designer and owner of Newstand Press, Derek Chappell, in his newest creation: “Danger Zone”, a fighter plane RPG subsystem! We will probably fail spectacularly, but that’s part of the fun. On tonight is Adam, Derek, Churba, and Victor

Jun 25

Acceptable Vices – Bonus Round with Churba and Victor!

In this after the show conversation, Victor and Churba talk about the Steam Sale and other stuff.

Jun 14

Acceptable Vices: Episode 9 – Spam Spam Spam Spam

It’s just Victor and Churba tonight and they’re reading the spam!   Crazy Spam Dialogue Tree

May 29

Acceptable Vices Episode 8 – How to Not Suck at Conventions

Tonight on the show, Churba, Victor, and George talk share their wisdom earned through years of conventioning on how to not suck at it.

May 19

Acceptable Vices Episode 7: Q&A

In this episode of Acceptable Vices, we learn that doing a live gaming stream for an audio podcast, while fun for us,  is a terrible idea so we do a Q&A instead! You can check out our gameplay of Guns of Icarus Online on the YouTube Channel! Fake MTA Twitter

May 09

Episode 44 (Rebroadcast)

Originally aired May 20th, 2011. Tonight’s Guests: Rym, Scott, Luke, Churba, Adam, and Victor The Rapture! Wikipedia: The Washington Post’s Outlook section invited 10 writers to sift through the world’s clutter and each nominate one thing – an idea, a tradition, a habit, a technology, you name it – that we’d all be better …

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May 04

Acceptable Vices 6: Mods in Video Games

Tonight on Acceptable Vices, the core crew talks about the recent kerfuffle regarding mods in videogames. Nelson’s Plug: ATAT in Arma 3 Victor’s Plug: Dirt 3 (and other games) Mods

Apr 17

Acceptable Vices Episode 5: Spec Ops: The Line

Tonight on Acceptable Vices, Churba, Nelson, and Victor discuss the 2012 video game “Spec Ops: The Line”. I lost my notes for this episode so if you really want to hit a link for something that should have been in this here doobelydoo, let me know.

Apr 07

Acceptable Vices Episode 4: Unbelievable Macho Bullshit

Tonight on Acceptable Vices, we play Derek Chappell’s newest game “Unbelievable Macho Bullshit”! On the show: Churba, Nelson, Victor, Derek, and Omar.

Mar 15

Acceptable Vices Episode 3: Channel A

Tonight on Acceptable Vices, Victor, Churba and Nelson play Channel A by Asmadi Games (or a version of it, anyway).

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